Gustav III's Pavilion

Interior at Gustav III:s Pavilion. Photo: The Royal Court/Alexis Daflos.

Tour description

Gustav III is one of the greatest personalities in the field of culture in Swedish history.

He had great visions, many of which were never realized due to lack of funding. However, one of his dreams was fulfilled - the Haga Pavilion at Haga Park.

From the outside the pavilion looks like a quite unassuming square building with two lower adjoining wings, one of which stretches out towards Brunnsviken. On the opposite side lies the entrance.

In the entrance hall you will be told about Gustav III and what gave rise to his Haga dreams. As the entire park bears traces of Gustav III, you will also be filled in on the park´s history. The guided tour of the pavilion takes approximately 45 minutes.

You will also visit the Grand Salon. This richly decorated room is influenced by paintings found during the excavation of Pompeii and Herculaneum.

To a large part the room has remained untouched since the end of the 1700s. Only the yellow varnish from the 1800s was removed in the 1940s so that the walls could regain their original lustre.

The wing facing Brunnsviken contains a room that is often featured in international art journals. Here you will be introduced to beautiful Swedish interior decoration from the 1700s. The special character of this room, called the Mirror Room, is created mainly by the large glass wall facing the park. Here nature and the pavilion become one - quite advanced considering that this is a milieu created in the 1700s!
The information provides the general focus of guided tours. The more detailed content of the tour depends on the focus of the tour guide on duty.