Practical information, Drottningholm Palace

Bag check
Umbrellas, large bags and back packs must be checked during the visit. This also applies to back-pack style baby carriers. 

Bags can be checked free of charge in the Palace vestibule. Umbrellas must be placed in the umbrella stands.

Toilets are located in the Main Guard Wing and by the Chinese Pavilion.

Visitor parking is available at Drottningholm and the Drottningholm Palace Theatre. Bus and wheelchair accessible parkings is also available. Additional parking is also available approximately 300m from the Palace at Karusellplan.

Baby carriages
Baby carriages are not permitted in the Palace. They can be left in the arcade at the entrance.

Mobiltelefoner. Av hänsyn till andra besökare och personal, ska ljudet på mobiltelefoner vara avstängda under besöket.

Photographing without flash is allowed for private use. For commersial use, premission in advance is needed from the Information Department at the Royal Court.

Mobile phones. In consideration to other visitors and the staff, the sound from mobil phones must be turned off during the visit.

Access, Drottningholm Palace

Not available.

Not available.

Wheelchair accessible toilets are located in the Main Guard Wing and by the Chinese Pavilion.

Wheelchair accessible parkings is available in the visitor parking lot by the Drottningholm Palace Theatre.

For additional information regarding wheelchair accessibility, se the form under Contact us.