The Royal Colloquium – now available as a book

In spring 2013, the Royal Colloquium was held in Abisko. Here, The King and a small group of world-leading researchers took part in discussions on the climate, migration and use of resources. The results of these discussions have now been published in a book, "A Changing World: Redrawing the Map".

Just like the Royal Colloquium itself, the book takes the interaction between the environment and society as its starting point. Across just over 100 pages, the participating researchers summarise their theories on the subjects discussed at the meeting in Abisko. The researchers have taken the opportunity to deepen their reasoning based on the discussions held, giving the reader a useful summary of the latest developments within environmental and social issues.

The King contributed an introduction to the book, in which he wrote:

"These articles are intended to provide some important insights into the geography of knowledge from the perspective of different disciplines and fields of expertise. They clearly illustrate the complexity of our societies and the world we are all part of. We tried to look through the gap in the curtain to catch just a glimpse of our common future. The result may be vaguely unsettling, but it is also full of hope."

A limited number of copies are available to order. Requests will be dealt with on a first come, first served basis. To request a copy, please send your name and address to:

Royal Colloquium c/o Kessler

Nora bruk 1

179 96 Svartsjö

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About the Royal Colloquium
The Royal Colloquium was initiated by The King in 1992, and seminars have since maintained a consistent focus on climate and the environment. Just over twenty researchers from all over the world gather under The King's leadership to discuss climate and environmental issues. The participants are hand-picked for each colloquium.