The Queen attends Silviahemmet's Inspiration Day

Motiv: The Queen presents the 2013 award for the best home help dementia team to Enskede home help, Bersågränd dementia team. Photo: David Sica/Stella Pictures

On Monday 28 April, The Queen attended Silviahemmet's Inspiration Day in Stockholm. Each year, Silviahemmet hosts an Inspiration Day for people who work with dementia sufferers.

During the day, the latest medical research was presented by dementia researcher Bengt Winblad.

Frederic Pavlidis, editor-in-chief of, spoke about the football project he launched together with the Swedish Dementia Centre in autumn 2013. Many dementia suffers who appear to be enclosed in their illness and unwilling to participate in any activities suddenly liven up when the subject of football is brought up.

My Olsson and Boel Karlin introduced the podcast produced by the Swedish Dementia Centre. The podcast addresses issues relating to dementia in a modern, topical way. It thereby reaches a broader audience, getting more people involved and raising awareness of dementia.

Eva Jönsson, a registered Silvia Sister, described what Silviahemmet's certification involves and gave examples of what it has meant for units that have undergone the process.

Aging involves physical changes that result in a heightened sensitivity to medications. In addition, lots of older people suffer from multiple diseases and use many different types of medications at the same time. Together, these factors increase the risk of side effects and pharmaceutical problems. Kristina Johnell, a docent at the Aging Research Center at Karolinska Institutet and Stockholm University, spoke about this issue.

Dr Pär Schön, a researcher at the Aging Research Center and the Stockholm Gerontology Research Center, talked about the challenges of aging.

During the day, Silviahemmet's Research and Education Scholarship for 2013's best home help dementia team and the new Queen Silvia Nursing Award were also presented.

The Swedish Alzheimer's Foundation's new Young Alzheimer's Researcher Award was also presented for the first time.

About Silviahemmet

The Silviahemmet Foundation was founded at the initiative of HM Queen Silvia on Valentine's Day 1996. Silviahemmet strives to play an active role in the development of quality care for dementia sufferers and their relatives.

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