The King and Queen watch the musical Svenskbyborna

Motiv: The King and Queen greet the cast after the performance. Photo: Stig Hammarstedt

Motiv: The King and Queen during the visit to Gotland County Theatre. Here, they are pictured together with the cast of the musical Svenskbyborna. Photo: Stig Hammarstedt

Motiv: During the walk through Visby from the County Governor's official residence to Gotland County Theatre, The King and Queen and the County Governor met people from Gotland. Photo: Stig Hammarstedt

On Saturday 29 March, The King and Queen visited Visby to watch the musical Svenskbyborna at Gotland County Theatre.

The King and Queen arrived in Visby during the morning and had lunch at the County Governor's official residence, hosted by County Governor Cecilia Schelin Seidegård. The King and Queen then watched the musical Svenskbyborna at Gotland County Theatre.

The musical is based on the true story of the Swedes living in Dagö, Estonia, who were sent to southern Ukraine in 1782 to cultivate the area that had recently been captured from Turkey. The story follows two girls, Nelly and Alvina (played by Anna Jankert and Martyna Lisowska), who move from the town of Zmyivka to Sweden in 1929.

The libretto was written by Carsten Palmaer, and the music was composed by Mathias Lundqvist.

Svenskbyborna will be performed until 10 April.

The King and Queen's visit to Zmyivka

The King and Queen visited Zmyivka – "the Old Swedish Village" – during their state visit to Ukraine in early October 2008. The visit began with The King opening a new road to Zmyivka.