The Crown Princess meets researchers at Stockholm Resilience Centre

Motiv: The Crown Princess during the meeting with Stuart Kininmonth, Henrik Österholm and Beatrice Crona, researchers at the Stockholm Resilience Centre. Photo:

On Thursday 24 April, The Crown Princess held an audience with Beatrice Crona, Stuart Kininmonth and Henrik Österholm, researchers at the Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC), at the Royal Palace of Stockholm.

During the meeting, Stuart Kininmonth presented his research on the marine environment, with a particular focus on coral reefs.

Beatrice Crona spoke about the content and ambition of the EAT – Stockholm Food Forumexternal link, opens in new window conference. The conference will bring together 650 researchers, politicians and industry representatives from around the world to discuss how to achieve a healthy, sustainable food industry. The Crown Princess will attend the conference, at which former President Bill Clinton will be the keynote speaker.

The conference will take place on 26-27 May. It was initiated by the Stordalen Foundation and is being arranged in association with the Stockholm Resilience Centre.

The meeting concluded with a presentation by Henrik Österblom on a current research project in which the Stockholm Resilience Centre is carrying out a global mapping of the largest fishing companies and their environmental impact.

About the Stockholm Resilience Centre 

The Stockholm Resilience Centreexternal link, opens in new window is an international interdisciplinary centre for research into socioecological systems, i.e. systems where mankind and nature are studied as an integrated whole.