Meeting of the Care About the Children Foundation

The Queen with the board of the foundation, Mats Dellham, Olof Stenhammar, Kirstine von Blixen-Finecke, Carl-Gustaf Piehl and Susanne Carlzon. Photo:

On Monday 31 March, the board of Queen Silvia's Care About the Children Foundation held a meeting at the Royal Palace of Stockholm.

The aim of the foundation is to support Swedish and international projects that enable vulnerable children throughout the world to feel security and joy during their childhood.

Funds were raised for the Care About The Children Foundation during autumn 2013, and the foundation was handed over to The Queen at a tribute performance held to mark The Queen's 70th birthday at Stockholm's Oscar Theatre on 19 December 2013.

"Those of us who have taken the initiative for the Care About the Children foundation would like to congratulate Queen Silvia, and to thank her for all she has done – and continues to do – for children around the world," said Olof Stenhammar, Chairman of Queen Silvia's Care About the Children Foundation. "We want to give her the opportunity to help even more children."