Royal Engagements

Crown Princess Victoria in Sri Lanka

Crown Princess Victoria in Sri Lanka. Photo: Pressens Bild.

The Crown Princess represents The King on official state business when The King is unable to fulfil his duties as Head of State, for example on if he is on state visits abroad.

Official Representation

The Crown Princess takes part in state visits and other official visits such as the opening of the Riksdag (Swedish Parliament), celebration of the Swedish National Day, Nobel festivities and official dinners.

Study programme

She is currently following a comprehensive study programme. The Crown Princess shows great commitment to her official duties and prepares ambitiously for each new task.

International peace-building

Issues surrounding crisis and conflict management - including the international peace-building work of the United Nations - are of particular interest to The Crown Princess.

International aid work

She is also interested in the work of international aid organisations such as SIDA, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, and the Church of Sweden Aid. In 2005, she studied Swedish aid initiatives first hand on location in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

The Crown Princess Victoria Fund

The Crown Princess Victoria Fund supports recreational activities for disabled children and young people, and this work is important to the Crown Princess. Radiohjälpen, the fund-raising branch of the Swedish national TV and radio stations, runs an annual fund-raising drive in aid of the Crown Princess Victoria Fund.