The Royal Mews

Photo: The Royal Court

Photo: The Royal Court

The Royal Mews is located on Väpnargatan 1 near the Royal Dramatic Theatre in the centre of Stockholm. The Swedish Royal Mews is unique with such a central location in a capital city.

Mertil Melin is the Crown Equerry and Head of the Royal Mews. He is responsible for all transportation by car – and in other official ceremonies horse-drawn carriage - required by the Royal Court.

Swedish Cultural Heritage

The Royal Mews is also an important representation of Swedish Cultural Heritage with its historically important carriage park, parade uniforms and harnesses. It is important that these are protected for the general public to enjoy now and in the future. This is the responsibility of the Crown Equerry.

Preparation of Processions

The Riding Master, who manages the stables, the Head-Groom, the Jockeys and the Cavalry Coachmen all take care of the horses and prepare for processions in conjunction with state visits and other official occasions. 

Coordination of the transportation schedule

Staff of the Court at the Royal Mews handles all transportation bookings and related administrative errands. This involves coordinating and arranging transportation that involves the Royal Mews – for example state visits.

Four chauffeurs are at the Royal Family's service for official and private transportation.