Allocation of seats in the photo positions at Prince Nicolas' christening

There will be two photo and media positions at Prince Nicolas' christening on October 11, 2015. The main position will be located outside Drottningholm Palace Chapel. A smaller position will also be available outside the gates by the allée on the seaside.

The following media outlets have been allocated a seat/seats in the photo and media position outside Drottningholm Palace Chapel and outside the gates by the allée on the seaside. The number in brackets ( ) states how many seats each media outlet has been allocated.

Ladders are permitted, no stand will be built. Media will be let into the photo area in smaller groups. Swedish media will have access to the photo area first and then international media.

Media will be met outside the photo position outside Drottningholm Palace Chapel, marked with a red dot on the map below, from 10 am on October 11.

Parking will only be available at Karusellplan, however public transportation is recommended.

Media position outside Drottningholm Palace Chapel

Aftonbladet (2)
Aftonbladet TV (2)
All Over Press (2)
Dagens Nyheter (1)
Expressen (3)
Expressen TV (2)
Eyewittness Pictures (1)
IBL Bildbyrå (2)
Stella Pictures (3)
Svensk Damtidning (2)
SVT (2)
TV4 (3)
TT Nyhetsbyrån (3)

Action Press (1)
Alamy (1)
Alex&er's Images (1)
AP (2)
Billed-Bladet (2)
Getty Images (1)
Monarchy Press Europe (1)
Newspix International (1)
People Picture (1)
Royal Press Europe (1)
Royal Press Photo (1)
Royal Portraits Europe (1)
SIPA (1)
Thomson Reuters (2)
UK Press Ltd (1)
ZDF (2)

Media position by the parkway on the seaside

Aftonbladet (2)
Aftonbladet TV (2)
All Over Press (1)
Expressen (2)
Expressen TV (2)
Photomedia (2)
Stella Pictures (2)
TV4 (2)

Billed-Bladet (2)

*** The allocation of seats has been adminstered by the Information Department at the Swedish Royal Court. Decisions on the allocation cannot be appealed. Finally it should be stressed that the decisions on the composition and size of the media position is at the organizer's discretion.

TT News Agency is host photographer

TT News Agency has been namned the official image supplier, host photographer, at Prince Nicolas' christening on October 11, 2015, in the Royal Chapel at Drottningholm Palace.

Questions relating to the host photographer will be answered by Tobias Röstlund, Head of Picture Agency, TT News Agency, phone number +46 70 522 6606, e-mail: tobias.rostlund@tt.se

Sveriges television is host broadcaster

Swedish public service broadcaster Sveriges television has been namned the official host broadcaster at Prince Nicolas' christening on Ocotober 11, 2015 in the Royal Chapel at Drottningholm Palace.

For more information regarding host broadcaster rights, please contact Cecilia Larsson at Sveriges television, phone number +46 70 884 7369, e-mail: cecilia.larsson@svt.se