Princess Sofia attends the opening of the New Södertälje Hospital

On Thursday 9 March, Princess Sofia opened the New Södertälje Hospital. The extensive rebuilding work has transformed this into one of Sweden's most modern hospitals.

Princess Sofia arrived at the hospital where she was welcomed by Mikael Runsiö, CEO of Södertälje Sjukhus AB, and County Finance Commissioner Iréne Svenonius.

During the opening ceremony, music was performed by the Cornea Brass Quintet from Södertälje Culture School and speeches were given by County Finance Commissioner Irene Svenonius, County Property and Investment Commissioner Paul Lindqvist and County Health Service Commissioner Anna Starbrink.

Waiting for the opening ceremony. Photo: Patrik C Österberg/IBL

The ceremony concluded with Princess Sofia's opening speech:

"The reason why we are here today, the opening of the New Södertälje Hospital, is also part of a positive trend. The Stockholm region is growing rapidly. The population is growing in both number and age. We also have access to more information than before, and to new digital tools. Healthcare must address this trend, and this major investment is an important piece of the puzzle.

"I hope that these modern premises will make it easier for all of you who work here to do your important job: to provide safe and accessible emergency healthcare to a growing population."

Princess Sofia declares the New Södertälje Hospital open. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT

During a tour, The Princess saw the accident and emergency department, the x-ray department, the operating theatres and the delivery ward. There then followed a presentation of the art that has been installed at the hospital.

Princess Sofia is given a tour of the accident and emergency department. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT

The New Södertälje Hospital

The rebuilding of Södertälje Hospital is part of the ongoing extensive development of Stockholm County's health and medical care services. The New Södertälje Hospital has 120 new individual rooms and the capacity for 2,000 new instances of care (in-patient visits) and 7,500 more emergency visits. The hospital will have a central and expanded role as a combined emergency and local hospital for those living in the southwest of the county.

A great deal of work remains to be done, including the total renovation of the old treatment building. Photo: Patrik C Österberg/IBL